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  • Unplanned pregnant moms don’t know what all their options are.

    They rush off for an abortion, thinking that abortion is the only thing that can be done.

    But an abortion doesn’t mean that their ‘problem’ is over and done.

    In many cases, an abortion starts a cascade of relationship, mental health, physical health, and spiritual health issues that last for decades.

    We believe this situation is affecting us all in many ways:

    • It’s placing an unfair burden on unplanned pregnant moms.

    • It’s tearing down our family structure that keeps us solid as a nation.

    • It causes undue pain and suffering on far too many people from the direct and the ripple effects.

    • All the pain and suffering affects quality of life for us all.

    We have a hidden ‘super army’ of people that already believe in helping unplanned pregnant moms (UPMs). In fact, you may already be one of them!

    If you have supported adoption in any way in your lifetime, you are a member of this hidden super army.

    Our solution is to unite people like you who believe in adoption as an option. We include birth mothers who created an adoption plan for their children, adoption parents, those waiting for a child to adopt, and anyone involved in helping the UPMs in their job as well. And of course, anyone else who really wants to take a stance for the unborn baby.

    We provide the great resources so you are well versed on the options via our easy-to-read Mama, Let Me Live! book and handbook. Then, when an unplanned pregnant mom comes across your path, you’ll know exactly what to say and how to talk to an unplanned pregnant mom.

    We believe your words will then plant seeds for the UPM so she can make her decision. We also put reminders in the environment – bumper stickers, pins, wear t-shirts, and drink beverages out of specific mugs – for all UPMs to see the messages that there is hope.

    Find out more about our Mama, Let Me Live! book and Handbook.

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